Oxandrolon 10mg 60tabs

Oxandrolon 10mg 60tabs

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BalkanOxandrolon 10mg 60tabs is a derivative from DHT. In medicine, this drug is known to be deservedly useful and popular at the therapies, which are including steroids.

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Description of Balkan Oxandrolon 10mg 60tabs

The active substance of Balkan Oxandrolon 10mg 60tabs is Oxandrolone hormone in amount of 10mg. The steroid is also known as Anavar, Oxandrin, or Var. The drug is having four times wider anabolic features in comparison to testosterone, though the androgenic features of Oxandrolon 10mg 60tabs are noticeably lower, than the testosterone’s. The drug is not usually used for the huge mass growth (as the water does not retain at the muscles), but the qualitative one. It means, that the mass will be obtained slowly, but, what is more important for many athletes-the drug supports the elasticity and the faster development of the muscular tissues. Oxandrolon 10mg 60tabs matches perfectly for the sportsmen’ period of drying. This advantage made this steroid widely used and very popular among bodybuilders and the athletes. And what is more, it has no tendency to aromatizing, so the power-lifters prefer the drug as well. Oxandrolon 10mg 60tabs users do not face the problems of non-cancerous breast size increase, masculinization and the hydrops’ formation. If you are interested in the benefits of Balkan Oxandrolon 60 tabs, you could order it on our site,

Female athletes also prefer Oxandrolon 10mg 60tabs, as, when used properly, the drug has no bad impact on the organism. With its help, the recoil of other steroids’ usage will be much lessen.

BalkanOxandrolon 10mg 60tabs is a derivative from DHT. In medicine, this drug is known to be deservedly useful and popular at the therapies, which are including steroids. As the Oxandrolone’s effect is mild, this steroid is not only preferred by the experienced sportsmen, but also by those, who are only the beginners. During the Oxandrolone’s administration, the amount of the fat at the user’s body is becoming less. The drug stimulates the GH secretion and supports the achievement of the higher efficiency.

Dosage of Balkan Oxandrolon 10mg 60tabs
The most common Balkan Oxandrolon 10mg 60tabs dosage for the athletes is 10-20 mg per day during six weeks. Due to the fact, that the drug is having nearly none bad effects, some of the users are taking the dose even higher, than it is recommended. It is possible to combine this steroid with Sustanon, Primobolan and testosterone. These combinations are increasing Oxandrolon 10mg 60tabs effectiveness, at the same time protecting from bad effects’ appearance. When taking Balkan Oxandrolon 10mg 60tabs with other steroids, which are as well at the form of the pills, it is necessary not to take more, than 40 mg of Oxandrolone. If keeping to a proper diet and using the nutrition, which is developed for the sportsmen, while taking the drug, available on our site,, you will get the best from what the drug could bring you.

The drug’s administration without the additional steroids will suit for the muscular relief development, but not for the mass gain. It is recommended to use the drug for no longer, than for 6-8 weeks. When beginning the Oxandrolon administration, it is better to start with the 20 mg dose, little by little elevating it to 80 mg, separating to 3 phases. It is forbidden to take the increased dose from the beginning, as it could cause serious problems with the user’s health.

Side Effects of Balkan Oxandrolon 10mg 60tabs
The possible bad effects of Balkan Oxandrolon 10mg 60tabs are atherosclerosis, painful bones, peripheral hydrops, changes in the indexes of blood analysis, liver condition deterioration. When the doses are higher, than allowed, the user could face the masculinization bad effects. They are priapism, non-cancerous breast size increase, pimples, spermatozoids’ development suppression and the growth deceleration (or cessation) at the postpuberty.

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Balkan Pharmaceuticals



Active Life

8-12 hours

Average Dose

Men 30-60 mg/day……Women 5-15 mg/day

Water Retention


High Blood Pressure


DHT Conversion



10mg : 60 Tablets


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