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JINTROPIN 10IU Kit is one of the most potent recombinant Human Growth Hormones on the market today. It is a proper 191 amino acid sequence Somatropin (natural to human body) and is produced by GeneScience Pharmaceutical Co, Ltd.



Description of JINTROPIN 10IU Kit

GenSci JINTROPIN 10IU Kit (10 vials*10 IU + 10 ampoules with bac water)

Note – orders of 200 IU and higher are being sent in both 200 IU and 100 IU kits to make a parcel smaller and more secure. For example, 300 IU order will be 1 100 IU kit + 1 kit of 200 IU (20 vials of 10 IU). 200 IU kits does not contain water – so if you need it – let us know and we will send it as well.

JINTROPIN 10IU Kit is the premium HGH brand.

By getting JINTROPIN 10IU Kit you’ll receive world famous HGH product. It gained its popularity because of its relatively low price while still excellent quality.

Firstly being produced in 1997, it’s now the best HGH brand.

JINTROPIN 10IU Kit is a qualitative growth hormone product.

Manufacturing is under control of the authorities. This HGH was first produced in 1997, and has been on the market ever since. Gene Science, the company which manufactures Jintropin, is supervised by Chinese government, which is a guarantee of the great product’s quality.
GMP FDA standard. The standard is a proof of purity and quality of HGH. It has been given to such famous brands as Seizen, Norditropin, Genotropin, and Jintropin as well.
High purity. Thanks to new technologies and strict control during producing JINTROPIN 10IU Kit on GenSci, the product amazes its great purity – 98%. It is also 100% similar to the HGH human body produces.
Jintropin has achieved very high levels of trust by its users. Customers around the world chose this product, even such celebrities as Madonna, Silvester Stallone and many other world-known people.
Jintropin is sold in pharmacies of 7 countries.
Reliable protection system. Each kit has an individual sticker with fibers and numbers on it and it’s absolutely impossible to forge them. You can verify them on the official web page. In order to avoid buying a fake product, we recommend you to read the section of this article, which is called “Genuine and fake Jintropin”.
What kind of benefits does Jintropin give you?

Helps you to achieve the body shape you’ve dreamed of without doing anything super difficult.
Reduces the belly fat, which makes 6 packs visible.
Fastens the process of gaining lean muscles.
Lessens the pain in your joints.
Improves your general condition.
Strengthens your hair and betters your skin.
We offer you original Jintropin for sale.

How are we better than other similar shops?

We will provide you with original and qualitative Jintropin.
We assure that it’s impossible to find Jintropin by cheaper price that we offer:
You will receive your order within few days
Free advices and answers for all the questions you might have.
Fast and professional customer support.
JINTROPIN 10IU Kit reviews.

Even though there’s been some complains about Jintropin quality, they all were addressed to its replica, and not to the original product. However, Jintropin is very popular among sportsmen and bodybuilders, who remain satisfied with the quality and effect of this HGH.

What does the price of JINTROPIN 10IU Kit depend on?

Starting from 2007, the only Jintropin distributer is the Europharm Company. They get JINTROPIN 10IU Kit straight from the manufacture and pay 75$ for 100 IUs. Then HGH is packed and delivered to the countries, which certify it. At this point the price of Jintropin rises up to 105-135$ for 100 IUS, and the price depends on the quantity. After that the product is available for local sellers, and sometimes kits have to go a long road before they are delivered to a customer. This is basically the reason for such a big diversity of prices on Jintropin.

Sadly, because of a long process of delivering the HGH, it’s ruined due to the improper conditions of storage.

We receive Jintropin from a reliable source, so you shouldn’t have doubts about its great quality. It’s one of the main reasons why our prices are so affordable.

Genuine and fake Jintropin

There are two kinds of Jintropin on the market today: Jintropin replica (it has Chinese hieroglyphs) and genuine Jintropin Europharm (the box has Cyrillic letters).

Online shops claim that they sell genuine and legit product, and their main argument is usually that Jintropin they sell is used for Chinese internal distribution. However, it’s known that it’s extremely hard to get Jintropin in China because the rules of selling are very strict. Because of it, most of Jintropin with Chinese writings on it is fake and consists of 2-4 IUs, when there has to be 10. Sometimes it doesn’t have HGH at all. These products are produced in illegal labs, so you buying Jintropin in such box won’t bring you any profit, but cam actually bring harm to your health.



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