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HYGETROPIN 10 IU 100iu kit™ sold by us is the guaranteed “freshest”, most potent, Hygetropin available for sale to retail customers around the world. When you order your box of Hygetropin from us, it’s coming straight from the factory

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what is HYGETROPIN 10 IU 100iu kit?

HYGETROPIN 10 IU 100iu kit is a Human Growth Hormone (hGH) Somatropin produced with recombinant DNA technology identical to the body’s naturally produced hGH.

HYGETROPIN 10 IU 100iu kit, from Hygene BioPharm, was originally founded by Dr. Lin who was the chief chemist responsible for the creation of the stable 191 amino acid sequence in Hygetropin. After a fall out with his partners in 2006 / 2007 , Dr. Lin left to market his own Hygetropin. Dr. Lin owned the original Hygetropin domain which he took with him.

HYGETROPIN 10 IU 100iu kit™ sold by us is the guaranteed “freshest”, most potent, Hygetropin available for sale to retail customers around the world. When you order your box of Hygetropin from us, it’s coming straight from the factory. The product hasn’t been stored anywhere else and you get access to the latest batch.

HYGETROPIN 10 IU 100iu kit from comes in 25x8IU (green tops) and 10x10IU (yellow tops) both with tribal designs and an anti- counterfeiting security sticker on the box.

A laboratory Certificate of Analysis (CoA) from Hygene is available to all buyers.

ABOUT Hygetropin 10iu 100iu kit

For in-depth information, start by going to Wikipedia’s article on Growth Hormone.


Human growth hormone, or hGH, is produced by the pituitary gland. Human growth hormone does more than regulate growth. It regulates other glands in the body, especially those that produce estrogen and testosterone. Human growth hormone is used to treat conditions that prevent children from growing. Another controversial use of hGH is as a performance-enhancing drug in sports. Recent research has also shown that hGH can extend the life and vitality of the elderly.


Problems associated with low levels of human growth hormone have been known for some time. Early attempts to treat this condition involved refining and concentrating bovine growth hormone; both to treat growth and development issues and to treat diabetes. Because of differences in the structure of the two hormones, treatments were unsuccessful.


The early history of experimentation with human growth hormone began in the 1950s by injecting ground-up pituitary glands, taken from cadavers, into children who were not growing normally. The problem with this method of delivering hGH was the limited supply of cadavers and the risk of transmitting diseases, such as the human variant of mad cow disease, Creutzfeldt-Jakob syndrome.


In 1981, the pharmaceutical company Genentech developed the first synthetic human growth hormone using recombinant DNA technology. Several generations of this hormone have resulted in the modern drug Somatropin. Somatropin is more effective than the older ground up pituitary glands, is easier to produce and carries none of the risk of Creutzfeldt-Jakob syndrome.

A number of factors are known to affect hGH secretion, such as age, gender, diet, exercise, stress, and other hormones. Young adolescents secrete hGH at the rate of about 700 μg/day, while healthy adults secrete hGH at the rate of 400 μg/day.

In addition to increasing height in children and adolescents, growth hormone has many other effects on the body:

Increases calcium retention, and strengthens and increases the mineralization of bone
Increases muscle mass through sarcomere hyperplasia
Promotes lipolysis
Increases protein synthesis
Stimulates the growth of all internal organs excluding the brain
Plays a role in fuel homeostasis
Reduces liver uptake of glucose
Promotes gluconeogenesis in the liver
Contributes to the maintenance and function of pancreatic islets
Stimulates the immune system

After the age of 30 the body decreases to release the most beneficial chemical that your body produces naturally, the Human Growth Hormone (hGH). As you get more into the adult years the levels of hGH in your body have dramatically diminished. The secretion rate of hGH drops to 14% per decade, so by the age of 80 the human body is producing hGH at its minimum levels.

Apparent age symptoms could be, but are not limited to, having less energy, rate of metabolism decreases, loss of skin elasticity, having problems sleeping and brain function activities lose sharpness.

It is well documented that hGH therapy helps build muscle, lose body fat, increase energy, endurance, enhance the immune system, normalize blood pressure, improve sleep, speed the healing of wounds, restore hair color, increase bone density, increase sexual libido and performance.

To this day there is not another chemical known to the medical science community that has had countless hours of clinical research that has the capabilities of averting and reversing the natural aging process in adults as hGH.


Many clinical studies, and current medical research shows the

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HYGETROPIN 100 I.U (Original CN)


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Somatropin (Human Growth Hormone)


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