Delivery guarantee

Are You worried about customs? What happen if Your parcel get taken, or lost? In that case we can refund 100% of the order amount, or re-send whole order again! We need just anything that will confirm situation (like letter from customs, or tracking informations about customs seized status) .

Something about us

Top #1 steroids store in EUROPE. We are currently on the market for over 10 years, constantly trying to meet the expectations of our customers. We work all day from Monday to Friday. Payment confirmations are sent within a maximum of 24 hours. All parcels are sent from the .

I’m new, could You help?

Nice to meet You first time there! We doing our best to help our customers with everything that we are able with. If You’re looking for any cycle advice, please contact us via email: [email protected] And tell us everything that might help us to select correct advice personally to .

Is there an available discount?

Discount codes in our store are personal. We offer few types of discount codes: 1) 5% + free shipping as reward for review on our (website) 10% permanent via Bitcoin payment method (Active) 3) Eroids promos (To join them You need to have account on eroids with at least .

Can i trust You?

We are already on market for over 10 years, a lot of our new customers ask us “If i can trust You” –  We are official partners with the biggest brand for over 8 years: PharmaQo / Sis-Labs / Pharmacom / Balkan Pharma.

Where You send parcels?

We already send parcels exactly everywhere – worldwide. There’s pretty no reachable place for us.